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2024 MLP Premier Level Draft Results

The MLP Premier Level Draft took place Tuesday, April 3, beginning at 6 p.m. ET. Live coverage of the first two hours was provided on Pickleball TV and the MLP and PPA YouTube Channels.

The 12 Premier Level teams filled out their 2024 season rosters via a dynamic-bidding selection process.

All teams received a maximum of 1,000,000 Draft Points with which to bid and earn four total draft slots, and would then select their players.

Draft pick results:

# Team Player
1 Seattle Pioneers Ben Johns
2 NJ 5s Anna Leigh Waters
3 St. Louis Shock Anna Bright
4 Columbus Sliders Riley Newman
5 AZ Drive Andrei Daescu
6 NY Hustlers Jack Sock
7 Texas Ranchers Christian Alshon
8 D.C. Pickleball Team James Ignatowich
9 LA Mad Drops Catherine Parenteau
10 LA Mad Drops Thomas Wilson
11 Orlando Squeeze Federico Staksrud
12 Dallas Pickleball Club JW Johnson
13 AZ Drive Dylan Frazier
14 D.C. Pickleball Team Rachel Rohrabacher
15 Texas Ranchers Etta Wright
16 NY Hustlers Jackie Kawamoto
17 Dallas Pickleball Club Jorja Johnson
18 Columbus Sliders Meghan Dizon
19 Utah Black Diamonds Tyson McGuffin
20 Orlando Squeeze Vivienne David
21 St. Louis Shock Hayden Patriquin
22 NJ 5s Zane Navratil
23 Dallas Pickleball Club Hurricane Tyra Black
24 St. Louis Shock Gabe Tardio
25 Orlando Squeeze Parris Todd
26 LA Mad Drops Jade Kawamoto
27 Utah Black Diamonds Callie Smith
28 NY Hustlers Lea Jansen
29 D.C. Pickleball Team Dekel Bar
30 Texas Ranchers Tina Pisnik
31 Columbus Sliders Connor Garnett
32 Orlando Squeeze Jay Devilliers
33 NJ 5s Mari Humberg
34 AZ Drive Lacy Schneemann
35 AZ Drive Kaitlyn Christian
36 Utah Black Diamonds Tyler Loong
37 NJ 5s Will Howells
38 Dallas Pickleball Club Augustus Ge
39 LA Mad Drops Hunter Johnson
40 D.C. Pickleball Team Allyce Jones
41 Texas Ranchers Pablo Tellez
42 St. Louis Shock Kate Fahey
43 Seattle Pioneers Andrea Koop
44 Seattle Pioneers Jessie Irvine
45 Columbus Sliders Brooke Buckner
46 NY Hustlers CJ Klinger
47 Seattle Pioneers Collin Johns
48 Utah Black Diamonds Alix Truong


MLP’s 2024 season schedule will begin with MLP Atlanta, May 9-12.

About St. Louis Shock

The St. Louis Shock is a professional pickleball team which competes in Major League Pickleball (MLP), the top professional pickleball association in the world. The team is based in St. Louis, MO and is owned by the Chaifetz family.

For more information on the St. Louis Shock, visit and follow the St. Louis Shock on Instagram, Facebook, X/Twitter and Instagram at @STLSHOCKMLP.

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