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St. Louis Shock Show Resilience at Major League Pickleball Washington DC Event

Washington, D.C. - The St. Louis Shock delivered a weekend of thrilling matches at the Major League Pickleball (MLP) event in Washington, D.C., showcasing the energy and drive that has them perched atop MLP. The team, currently holding the top position in the MLP standings, faced tough opponents, securing vital victories after their first regulation loss this season. The St. Louis Shock wrapped up the weekend with a record of 2-1 and remain on top of Major League Pickleball’s standings.

“We are incredibly proud of the energy and grit that our team showcased this week. We’re thrilled to be leaving DC with 5 more points and a 2-1 event record, remaining on top of MLP. Our team battled hard after a rough opening day, and our 2-0 record on Sunday showed the world that we maintain the energy and drive to beat anyone in the league. We’re anxious to compete in MLP’s Mid-Season Tournament in July, where we expect to be the top seed leading into the event”, said Ross Chaifetz, Owner and General Manager of the St. Louis Shock.

A full recap is below:

Saturday, May 18, 2024
Championship Court - 10:00 AM ET
NY Hustlers 3, St. Louis Shock 1

The weekend started with a challenging match against the NY Hustlers. Despite a strong effort, the Shock fell short, losing 3-1.

  • Women’s Doubles
    • Lea Jansen / Jackie Kawamoto (Hustlers) def. Kate Fahey / Anna Bright (Shock) 25-23
  • Men’s Doubles
    • Gabe Tardio / Hayden Patriquin (Shock) def. Jack Sock / CJ Klinger (Hustlers) 25-17
  • Mixed Doubles
    • CJ Klinger / Jackie Kawamoto (Hustlers) def. Gabe Tardio / Kate Fahey (Shock) 25-22
  • Mixed Doubles
    • Jack Sock / Lea Jansen (Hustlers) def. Hayden Patriquin / Anna Bright (Shock) 25-23

Sunday, May 19, 202
Championship Court - 11:00 AM ET
D.C. Pickleball Team 1, St. Louis Shock 3

The Shock bounced back on Sunday morning, securing three MLP standing points in a convincing 3-1 victory against the D.C. Pickleball Team in a rematch of a battle that went to a DreamBreaker at MLP Atlanta.

  • Women’s Doubles
    • Kate Fahey / Anna Bright (Shock) def. Allyce Jones / Rachel Rohrabacher (D.C.) 25-20
  • Men’s Doubles
    • Gabe Tardio / Hayden Patriquin (Shock) def. James Ignatowich / Dekel Bar (D.C.) 25-22
  • Mixed Doubles
    • Rachel Rohrabacher / James Ignatowich (D.C.) def. Kate Fahey / Gabe Tardio (Shock) 25-16
  • Mixed Doubles
    • Hayden Patriquin / Anna Bright (Shock) def. Dekel Bar / Allyce Jones (D.C.) 25-21

Championship Court - 5:00 PM ET

St. Louis Shock 3, Carolina Pickleball Club 2

In the final match of MLP Washington DC, the Shock triumphed over the Carolina Pickleball Club and world #1 male Ben Johns in DreamBreaker format, with a final score of 3-2, ending the weekend on a high note and wrapping up Sunday with two wins and zero losses.

  • Women’s Doubles
    • Kate Fahey / Anna Bright (Shock) def. Jessie Irvine / Andrea Koop (Carolina) 25-19
  • Men’s Doubles
    • Ben Johns / Collin Johns (Carolina) def. Hayden Patriquin / Gabe Tardio (Shock) 25-22
  • Mixed Doubles
    • Ben Johns / Jessie Irvine (Carolina) def. Gabe Tardio / Kate Fahey (Shock) 25-18
  • Mixed Doubles
    • Hayden Patriquin / Anna Bright (Shock) def. Collin Johns / Andrea Koop (Carolina) 25-21
  • Dreambreaker
    • Louis Shock def. Carolina Pickleball Club 21-14

Stay tuned for more updates and follow the St. Louis Shock on their journey through the season. For more information, visit and follow us on social media @STLSHOCKMLP.

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